Topic: Image gets cut off when using compact style


Why does the main image end up in a smaller box than I specified, see the following: … pening.php

When creating the gallery using 'compact' I entered 600px wide and 1400 pix high but when I upload the webpage,  it comes out short and the image gets cut off...

It has worked fine with all my other gallery's but this one has the most thumbnails in so don't know if that is a problem...


Re: Image gets cut off when using compact style

The gallery on the page you posted is 600px x 800px.
The thumbnails will take up the space they require (you have set thumbColumns="7" and thumbRows="7") and the remaining space is then available for the main image.
Please see this FAQ regarding image cropping with the Compact Gallery Style: … #general_4

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team