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Topic: svBuilder question

I just took over the position at a company where the guy before me had used SimpleViewer Pro for a gallery on our site.

I'm now trying to create a new gallery, but I didn't have the benefit of him teaching me about SimpleViewer or svBuilder before he left. 

He had SimpleVierwer Pro, and on the website it indicates that this comes with svBuilder Pro.  However this doesn't seem to be the case as all I can find is svBuilder (no Pro). 

I don't see any documentation on the website other than the quick user guide for svBuilder Pro/svBuilder, but the interface of that seems to be different from svBuilder that I have installed on here, as the only option I get when I open it up is "Open a Gallery Folder to Start..."

So, is there any way for me to get svBuilder Pro (and why do I only have svBuilder if he bought SimpleViewer Pro)?  I could probably track down the account/purchase info if necessary.

Failing that, could someone let me know how to start a new gallery and why I'm not seeing that option available?


Re: svBuilder question

svBuilder-Pro was introduced in the SimpleViewer Pro v2.0 download package.
Upgrades are free within the same major version number so if SimpleViewer Pro v2.x was purchased, then you will be eligible to download the latest version of SimpleViewer Pro (and svBuilder-Pro which comes with it).
Please fill in this form (with purchase transaction details) to receive a new download link: http://simpleviewer.net/support/admin/upgrade.html
The inability to create a gallery (and only to edit an existing one) in your version of svBuilder is due to the fact that it is, indeed, an older version.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: svBuilder question

Thanks for the response.
I'm attempting to track down that information now.

In the meantime, is there some information you could link me to on how to build an SV gallery without svBuilder-Pro?

Re: svBuilder question

Other methods of creating a SimpleViewer Pro gallery can be found here: http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/pr … #templates
You can also manually edit the sample 'web' folder from the SimpleViewer Pro download package.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team