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Topic: Plugin in frontpage background colour

Hi i am trying to insert a gallery as a plugin in a frontpage a table on the left of my page so the right table can include text and i seem to have a problem with the backgroud colour i have tried everything but still cant get the background to appear white to match the page colour please help

Re: Plugin in frontpage background colour

Please post the URL of the page that you are having the issue with so that we can take a look.

Mike Richards
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Re: Plugin in frontpage background colour

Please find url attached (portraits) as you can see the background is dark i have set to white and/or transparent and still get the same problem. Although with the (weddings) page if I just paste the SV into the code it show ok but I would like to put text on one side of the page so thats why I have used a table. On the main home page i have managed to get a slideshow without thumbs only by setting the stage boarders to zero which does seem to work ok although when i click the auto show stops is there a way that the show just keeps carring on.
Lookforward to hearing from you.