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I am really getting quite confused by the upgrade policy.  I found the email which was sent to me and clicked on the link and received simpleviewer_pro_213 - is this the newest version of simpleviewer??

Also, if it is the latest version, which folder within the ones sent work on iphone? Examples > Flash embed or flex embed or html embed?? I also tried the link … es/modern/ which i think should give me a mobile version of simpleviewer on my iphone4 and it doesn't seem to work...

Confused just a tad! Can anybody help me?

Kind Regards

Re: Regarding Mobile & upgrade

is this the newest version of simpleviewer??

Yes, the link always points to the latest version.

The 'simpleviewer_pro_213/web/' folder contains the basic template for a gallery which supports Universal Playback for mobile devices and browsers that do not have Flash Player installed and can be edited if you like.
The sample galleries in the 'examples' folder (which show advanced techniques) do not support Universal Playback.

However, the easiest way to create an iPhone-friendly gallery is to install and use svBuilder-Pro which comes in the SimpleViewer Pro download package.
See here for details: … uilderpro/

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team