Topic: IE 7 does not work.

I've been having issues with my gallery showing in IE.  Thought it was my issue, but it's not.  I tried all of your demos on the site, as well as various ones people have posted.  They all fail to display correctly. 

Browser version : 7.0.5730.13

Basically works fine any other browser(Safari, mobile(bb), FF 3-4), but it just shows the mobile version on IE7.  I know it's not my site, it passed WC3 validation on CSS as well as HTML.  I checked my doctype settings, and that's not it.  Also your own demo's don't work. 

Anything that can be done about this?   I just bought Pro today, and not too happy that it doesn't even work.

Re: IE 7 does not work.

it just shows the mobile version on IE7

It sounds like you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed in your IE7 browser.
You can check if Adobe Flash player is installed (and if so, what version) by visiting this page in your browser:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team