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Topic: Flash not showing up in IE8

Good evening,

I have the following problem with SimpleViewer 2.1.3 on my website http://lissart.j87.nl/albums.php/Lente/

As far as I can see everything works fine on Firefox and Safari, but in Internet Explorer 8 (on both Windows Vista and XP) the flash won't load and only the HTML-view shows up. In IE7 it works fine.

The XML-file can be found here: http://lissart.j87.nl/albums.php/Lente/gallery.xml

Is there a way to solve this problem? I tried every possible solution I could find on this forum and on Google, but nothing helped.

Kind regards,

Re: Flash not showing up in IE8

It sounds like you do not have Adobe Flash Player installed (or enabled) in your IE8 browser.
You can check if you have Flash Player installed (and if so, what version) by visiting this page in your IE8 browser:
You can check if your Flash Player is enabled in your IE8 browser by going to 'Tools -> Internet Options -> Program tab -> Manage Add-ons' and making sure that 'ShockWave Flash Object' is enabled.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: Flash not showing up in IE8

Thanks for you reply, I checked the Abobe website and it showed version 9 (my Firefox already had version 10). So I updated the flashplayer for IE and now SimpleViewer shows up as expected.

I tested IE8 on a different website with SimpleViewer 1.9 where it worked perfectly with Adobe Flashplayer 9, therefore I thought it wouldn't be necessary to update Flashplayer because I am running a newer version of SimpleViewer.

Anyway, it works all fine now, hopefully my visitors have their Flashplayer up-to-date.

Thank you very much,
kind regards, Johan.