Topic: Problem using javascript api


I am trying to use the javascript_api.html example and I'm having some problems.  When i upload the example to my static web server if works fine.  However, when i try to use it in the way that i want to use it, then it fails.

I am trying to run a python Django web server and i put the html file on that server which has a particular domain name.  Then i put the static files (the gallery.xml file, the swf file and the photos) on the static server which has a different domain name.  When i do this, the html page will load, simpleviewer works fine but the API doesnt work at all.  I always get an error when trying to make any calls (such as svAPI.showNextImage()).

The only difference i can see is that the html file and static files are on different domains.  There seems to be some kind of security problem related to flash, but i can't figure out how to solve it.

Do you have any ideas?


Re: Problem using javascript api

Take a look at this FAQ to see if it helps: … trouble_11

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team