Topic: Text instead of Thumbs?!

Hey ho,...

I was wonderiing how I could replace the Thumbnails by Textlinks. The result should be a list (vertical) of Textlinks that show the Image in the sv-container when someone hovers over it.

Anyone got an idea?


Re: Text instead of Thumbs?!

You could create images of text (in a program such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP) and use them as thumbnails.
When creating these images, make sure the background color matches the background color of your gallery.
In order to make the text images look as much like standard text links as possible and to have the main image change when a user hovers over one, set the following options in your gallery's XML file.


See here for a full list of SimpleViewer Pro Thumbnail Options: … tml#thumbs

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Text instead of Thumbs?!

Thank for your fast response.

That would work - but it' s a lot of work,... and the system would get less modular.

Any other suggestions? Would be great!

Re: Text instead of Thumbs?!

SimpleViewer is designed to use images as thumbnails and text cannot be substituted.

As an alternative, you could perhaps create a gallery with no thumbnails (thumbPosition="NONE") and put standard HTML text hyperlinks into a side menu.
See the 'View Horizontal Resizable Gallery with Side Menu Example' here: … #resizable
You could then link each hyperlink to a specific image in a gallery using the SimpleViewer Pro API.
See the 'Direct Linking' example here: … tml#direct

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team