Topic: trouble upgrading galleries


I'm having trouble figuring out what I'm doing wrong when upgrading my galleries to the newest version of simpleviewer pro. When I build the gallery in the builder it looks like the layout that I've built, but when previewing it in dreamweaver and online it doesn't have all of my customized options. This is the gallery that I'm having problems getting to look right: … riors.html

and this is what I want the gallery to look like: … oduct.html

Thank you for any help!  :D

Re: trouble upgrading galleries

Instructions on upgrading a SimpleViewer Pro gallery to the latest version using svBuilder-Pro can be found here: … grade.html
(See the section entitled 'Upgrading Exisiting Galleries to Version 2.1.3'.)
An alternative method would be to copy the opening <simpleviewergallery> tag (with all its attributes which are the configuration options) from the XML file of the gallery you are trying to replicate and paste it (overwriting the existing opening <simpleviewergallery> tag) into the XML file of the new gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team