Topic: can't get simpleviewer embedded in Iweb

Hi there,
I've been trying to embed with the code and i've tried iframe. I can't get it to work. this what i get on the page where I want the gallery:

Not Found
The requested URL /Users/joostweddepohl/Sites/ was not found on this server.

this is the iframe code:
<iframe src="/Users/joostweddepohl/Sites/" width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

please help?

Re: can't get simpleviewer embedded in Iweb

The 'src' attribute of the <iframe> should specify the URL of the gallery's HTML index file via an absolute path (in the form '') or a relative path (relative to the page containing the <iframe>, in the form 'gallery/index.html').

If using an absolute path, the URL should be what you type into the address bar of a browser to view the gallery.
Going to '/Users/joostweddepohl/Sites/' in a browser will not work.
Going to '' might work but the file does not exist.

If storing the files in a public iDisk folder, you'll need to find the public URL of your gallery's HTML index page and use this as the 'src' attribute of your <iframe>.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: can't get simpleviewer embedded in Iweb


Thnx for your quick help.
I don't have an mobileMe account. I have my own ftp server. I published the site first to a local folder on the HDD. I put all the saved gallery files there. The page I want my gallery in is located in the folder: /User/joostweddepohl/Sites/ So which URL do I type in?

Or do I have to upload a saved galley to an online server first (so I get the URL). and how do I do that?

Sorry, but I'm new to all this


Re: can't get simpleviewer embedded in Iweb

My goodness....problem solved. Forgot to upload my gallery through the ftp server.

thnx again