Topic: can't change my galleries

I uploaded simpleviewer and created a gallery to try things out. I saved it, and pasted the code into my html to see it online and wanted to change some things.
When I went back to edit the gallery, I can't find the file.
I started a new one, got the settings where I want them, pasted the code into my html and when I went to see it online, I'm still seeing the first gallery I created. I can't get it off of there, and can't get the new galleries up. what am I doing wrong? what am I missing here?

Re: can't change my galleries

Most of the gallery's settings are stored in the gallery's XML file ('gallery.xml') and it is this file that you would need to replace in your gallery for the changes to take effect.
You may then need to clear your browser's cache before reloading the gallery in order to see the changes.

If using svBuilder, the embedding code provided should be copied and pasted only if you wish to embed the gallery in an existing web page alongside other content.
If you are happy to have the gallery as a standalone entity, then the embedding code is automatically included in the 'index.html' page which is the page that should be opened in a browser to view the gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team