Topic: Difference in how simpleviewers start on 2 pages


I am building a site which uses a lot of SV, i have full license.
But for some reason the SV behaves different on 2 pages.
On 1) it starts with a image, on 2) it starts with the thumbnails.

1) … ouw-1.html
2) … ouw-2.html

On other pages ( where i use SV it also starts
with a image (which i prefer). Any idea/suggestions on what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it???

I'm using a ipad 2 to test and version 2.1.3. of SV.

Thanks! Kind regards,


Re: Difference in how simpleviewers start on 2 pages

Your XML file for the 'nieuwbouw-1' gallery sets the option mobileShowThumbs="FALSE" and the XML file for the 'nieuwbouw-2' omits this option so SimpleViewer will use the default setting which is 'TRUE'.
In the XML file here: … allery.xml
... add mobileShowThumbs="FALSE" to have the gallery start by displaying the first image rather than the thumbnails.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team