Topic: Image orientation

Images are not changing orientation appropriately.  All images are displaying the exact same size, with a horizontal orientation, they are not adjusting to a vertical orientation for verticle images.  Those images are being cut off on top an bottom.  I know this has to be possible because your example gallery shows this ... … es/modern/ your first image is horizontal, then the orientation changes for the second image which is vertical.  This is not happening for me, please view my gallery here … lery1.html the first image should be a full shot of the dress but the top and bottom is being cut off.

Please help.  Thank you.

Re: Image orientation

I just looked at your gallery and the first image is not being cropped vertically. Did you fix your issue? If not, try clearing your browser cache.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Image orientation

I did get it figured out, thank you! :)