Topic: Trouble with index

I've tried all the help and forum files but can't find an answer.

I'm having trouble upgrading a gallery.  I copied the gallery folder and then opened it with SV-Pro.  When I save, the index file has the old information.  If I save with a different name, it works if I point to that new name.  But if I even delete the index.html, I still get the old gallery.

With new name:

With no index.html or if I rename blah.html to index.html:

Re: Trouble with index

I have just tried converting a SimpleViewer Pro v1.9 gallery to SimpleViewer Pro v2.1.3 using svBuilder-Pro v2.1.3 following the instructions on this page: … grade.html
The 'index.html' page was overwritten with no problems and the gallery's XML file was also updated OK so the process works fine on my PC and should also work fine on your computer.

Perhaps your system had a lock on the files at the time you tried to save the gallery and the 'index.html' and 'gallery.xml' files were unable to be overwritten.
Did you have the 'index.html' file or the 'gallery.xml' file open in another program (eg. a text editor) at the time of saving the gallery?

Make sure you are using the latest version of svBuilder-Pro (v2.1.3 which can be found in the current SimpleViewer Pro download package and is downloadable using the link in your purchase email) and follow the instructions in my link above ensuring that none of the gallery files are open in other programs when saving the gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team