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Topic: Picasa


I have bought PRo v2.1.3 last week. I thougt that is was better then simpleviewer.
I have placed all the nessesary files in picasa and i can make a proper show with picase. But i'dont like to change everytime the lay-out to my company layout by using svBuiler.

So i changed some  data in the header.xml and add the color #011869 in htmlTemplate. From now on my template looks like a bit before but i can't change some options as StageBorder (must be away) Borders around the images, borderwidth = 1 in White. Further on all option on exept sound.

Is is possible that anyone sent me a new working header.xml  for using in Picasa in the colors 011869 and white #FFFFFF, text arial, an (old) example made by simpleviewer is placed on www.lekstroom.nl/example. Pictures must be BIG!

Many thanks

Re: Picasa

Try creating a gallery in svBuilder-Pro (with the Pro Options such as stageBorder).
The live preview will show you what your gallery looks like as you change the options in the interface.
Once you have the gallery looking the way you like, save it on the 'Publish' tab.
Now open up the 'gallery.xml' file in a plain text editor, copy the options in the opening <simpleviewergallery> tag and paste them into the 'header.xml' file in the Picasa template.
Every gallery you create in Picasa from now on will use these settings.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Picasa

I have done it in that way, but i will trey again. A lot of tags are missing or i dont understand what they do. You can't select the color #011869, when you open a presentaion there is brown in it. Stageborder is inviseble until you upload ?????? etc.
It is not so easy!

Re: Picasa

Your gallery does not need to be uploaded to a web server for stageBorder to take effect.
Try clearing your browser's cache before reloading the gallery to see any changes made.

The background color can be set by changing line 13 of the Picasa plugin's 'htmlTemplate.html' file to:

simpleviewer.load('sv-container', '100%', '100%', '011869', true);

A lot of tags are missing

The Picasa template comes bundled with SimpleViewer Standard which uses only these options and, consequently, only these options are listed in the plugin's 'header.xml' file.
If you have upgraded the plugin to use SimpleViewer Pro, then it will accept all the Pro Options and you can replace the entire opening <simpleviewergallery> tag in the plugin's 'header.xml' file with the opening <simpleviewergallery> tag (including all the options which were not previously in the 'header.xml' file) from your svBuilder-Pro gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: Picasa

Good evening,

Thanks for your support. Stageborder and Title text looks like a problem in explorer 9 and then in a frame. if you expand it the border is gone and title text is visible!
any solution?

Re: Picasa

Please post a URL to your gallery so that we can take a look.
I have just created a gallery setting both stageBorder and title , have placed it in an <iframe> and have viewed it in IE9 in both normal and FullScreen modes with no unexpected results.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: Picasa


But it is only when i open the files localy. On the internet it is okay only the bleu color is differtent. The Title is wel gone and back if you make ful screen

Look at Spes met Liesbeth

Re: Picasa

the bleu color is differtent

Please see this FAQ: http://simpleviewer.net/simpleviewer/su … trouble_13

The Title is wel gone and back if you make ful screen

The 'title' will appear (in normal, not FullScreen, mode) if your browser window is tall enough. (Try pressing 'F11' in your browser and the 'title' may appear.)
Either use smaller images and reflect this change in the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight options or use:


Your gallery also has:


Either omit this line or set stageBorder to an integer.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team