Topic: Gallery layout on html page question

I just purchased SimpleViewer Pro and a quick question.  I'm trying to put a gallery together that will display the thumbs and to the right (or left) of the thumbs the corresponding photo...all on one page.  Clicking a thumb will update the image next to it. 

Is this possible with SV Pro?

Thanks in advance

Re: Gallery layout on html page question

This is possible with both SimpleViewer Standard (free version) and SimpleViewer Pro.
Please take a look at the sample gallery here:
Please note, however, that this is possible only in the Flash Player (the user's browser must have Adobe Flash Player installed).
The Mobile Player (used for mobile devices and browsers that do not have Adobe Flash Player installed) does not display both thumbnails and the main image on the same page.
Please see here for details: … l#mobile_1

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team