Topic: Need Help Embedding

Please bear with me as I'm sure there is something I am doing wrong.  I cannot get the gallery embedded at all.  My screen shows blank.  I have tried all of the methods listed on the embedding page.  I am running a site that is on a Joomla based CMS.  My limitations are that I can not ftp anything directly to the server.  I can add/edit pages and upload to a documents/media area.  What I did was in my media area, I created a folder called test3.  I created the folders within this folder to coincide with the folders in the simple viewer folder created when I published the gallery.  I uploaded everything into their respective folder except the index file which I can not upload. I pointed everything to the correct folders in the embed code and in the xml file but still nothing.  Any guidance is appreciated since I really hope that this can work for me.  Thanks!

Re: Need Help Embedding

I do not know if the SimpleViewer files in your documents/media area can be used in web sites or if the documents/media area is for file storage only.
An alternative would be to upload your gallery files to Dropbox. I have successfully hosted SimpleViewer gallery files using Dropbox in the past.
Otherwise, you could perhaps find alternative web space with another host and upload your gallery files there. There are many web hosts that offer free web space which may be suitable to host SimpleViewer gallery files. Such hosts may also offer premium accounts with more space, features and support.

Please post a URL to your gallery so that we can take a look and perhaps offer more advice.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team