Topic: Thumb bug

I have been reading threads for a couple of hours now but haven't found any solutions yet.
The thumbs is not always loading and it is random which will not load. Sometimes all loads but when refreshing some disappear.

This is the test site

Please try it out and see if you getting the same problem.

Re: Thumb bug

When viewing your gallery with the Mobile Player (with Adobe Flash Player disabled in my browser), none of your thumbnails are displayed.
Check that your thumbnails are located in the correct directory .
Going directly to any of your thumbnails in a browser brings up an error 404 (file not found).
eg: … a-2008.jpg

Also check that the filenames (including file extensions) are in the correct case (upper vs lower) as your web server may be case sensitive.

You could also make sure that your web server does not have hotlink protection enabled.
See this FAQ for details: … #trouble_2

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Thumb bug

I was just upgrading to the latest version of SimpleViewer and used the svBuilder to make the gallery. I noticed that all my handmade thumbs suddenly was gone... the thumb folder was empty. In my Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opra thumbs was showing anyway, but with some random missings... I thought that the new version didn't want any thumbs and just used the images and scaled them to thumbs.

I figure of your reply that there should be thumbs in the thumbs folder. I must have done something wrong somewhere during my working process and deleted the thumbs by myself :/

Will make new ones and se if it helps (it probably will)

Re: Thumb bug

I figure of your reply that there should be thumbs in the thumbs folder.

Yes. svBuilder creates thumbnails of size 75px x 75px and puts them in a folder named 'thumbs' within the gallery folder.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team