Topic: the download of pictures does not work


i have a problem with downloading the pictures with the download button.

(i what to have the direct  download button not the open button in another window)

i have simpleviewer pro 2.1.0 but i am using sv builder pro to build a slideshow.

now i created a slideshow and tried if everything works fine: but it does not!!!! :-(  :o

it does not work not in firefox, safari or in camino!
i tried it with three different computers .

a very short time it themes to work, cause the icon is of the downloaded picture is shown at the desktop,
BUT it disappears immediately and the file is NOT downloaded!

i also read some topics and find out maybe it has to do with my server where i upload my files?

cause the download of pictures at your link works fine!!!! … notemplate

my question is:

what is the problem?

i do not know what kind of server i have - could this be the solution?

what can i do? what shoul i do?

sorry for my english hope you understand my problem?!?!

greatings from germany


Re: the download of pictures does not work

Please upgrade to the latest version of SimpleViewer Pro (v2.1.3).
Upgrades are free within the same major version number so you can download the latest version by using the link in your purchase email.
If you cannot find the email or your link has expired, please fill in this form to receive a new link:

There was a bug that prevented the Download Button from working when using a baseURL (as your gallery does) that was fixed in v2.1.2.
See the version history here:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: the download of pictures does not work

WOW this was easy and quick!
i should have think about this option as well....
thanxs a lot!