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Would it be possible to implement the Flash easeInOutElastic transition on either Simple Viewer Pro or Auto Viewer Pro (preferably on Simple Viewer Pro) rather than having the sliding window or fade in fade out type transitions typically used in these packages?

Re: EaseInOutElastic Transition

The available image transitions for SimpleViewer pro can be set via the imageTransitionType option and are:
    FADE - Old image fades down to background color then new image fades in.
    CROSS_FADE - Crossfade between old and new image
    SLIDE - Old Image slides out while new image slides in.
    FLASH - New image pops in and flashes exposure from white.
    NONE - No transition. New image pops in. … #mainimage

SimpleViewer Pro does not come with modifiable source code but AutoViewer Pro does, so with Adobe Flash and a knowledge of ActionScript, you may be able to publish a new AutoViewer Pro SWF file that meets your needs.
See here for details:

Please post feature requests in this forum so that they are not overlooked. Thank you.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: EaseInOutElastic Transition

Many thanks Steven. That is a shame. What I am actually trying to do is create the transition affect seen in the Piecemaker flash viewer:

The short coming of that viewer though is that is offers no thumbnail film strip option. So I was hoping to modify the transition in Simple Viewer to implement the same EaseInOutElastic Transition, which seems to be a standard Flash transition.

Auto Viewer doesn't actually have any filmstrip at all, so that is a problem for the site I am building, even though you said the source might be editable to include a different transition type.

If there was some way to implement a filmstrip, and the EaseInOutElastic Transition in one of the 2 viewers, that would be ideal.

If you have any further suggestions I would much appreciate it.