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Maybe I am just missing something...but I am having trouble figuring out the best workflow for posting slideshows from SVpro onto the backend of our domain.  We used to use a simple viewer slideshow export straight out of Light Room 3, but we wanted to be able to put music and auto transitions, so we purchased SVpro.  Am I correct in understanding that I now have to design and do all layout in a separate program...or can I have the full functionality built into LR3?  If I can not...and have to do it from the do I tell the program where to auto FTP the gallery to?  Thanks for any and all help in advance!!


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I too use LR3 to do post production work on my RAW photos. What I do is export the photos I want to use for my SV Pro gallery to a directory - I export them to the same width as I want in my gallery - I don't let SV resize them.

Next I spark up SV Pro and then point it to the directory of exported images.
Not sure if this helps?


Re: Issues with LR3

can I have the full functionality built into LR3?

TTG-SimpleViewer 2 can be upgraded from SimpleViewer Standard (which it comes with) to SimpleViewer Pro by following the instructions here: … #lightroom
Although all galleries created after performing this operation will use the SimpleViewer Pro files, the TTG-SimpleViewer 2 interface in Lightroom will still support only the SimpleViewer Standard options.
After creating a gallery, you could edit the gallery's XML file to include the extra Pro Options you require.
Otherwise you could open the gallery in svBuilder-Pro (the only program which has an interface allowing you to change all Pro Options via an interface without any manual editing of files), make the changes required and resave the gallery. FTP can then be performed by a program such as Filezilla.
If the galleries you create with Lightroom are all likely to have the same Pro Options, you could also edit the file 'ttg_simpleviewer-2_LR3.lrwebengine/xmlTransformer.xslt' and add the Pro Options into the opening <simpleviewergallery> tag. In doing this, all galleries created by TTG-SimpleViewer-2 will then use these Pro Options by default and the galleries can then be uploaded as normal.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team