Topic: Simply, doesn't work!!

Hi all,
I have been trying to solve this for 2 hours now, I have Googled extensively but still haven't found my solution.

I create a gallery with the wizard, it publishes all just fine, all the correct folders are created, the index.html etc.
When I click the index.html, I get a message "Gallery XML not found" ... IT IS RIGHT THERE!! ALL IN THE SAME FOLDER!!!! As the program created it by itself... It simply does not work!!!

Thanks in advance!

Re: Simply, doesn't work!!

A little more information would help pinpoint where the problem lies.

I create a gallery with the wizard

Are you referring to svBuilder-Pro v2.1.3 or one of the other automated methods of creating a SimpleViewer Pro gallery?
Would you be able to upload your gallery and post a URL so that we can take a look (or perhaps zip the gallery and upload that somewhere)?
If your gallery was created by svBuilder-Pro and the XML file is named 'gallery.xml' and is located in the same folder alongside the gallery's HTML index page, then the gallery should be displayed without a 'Gallery XML Not Found' message.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Simply, doesn't work!!

Well I had huby take a look. THere is nothing wrong with the gallery or Simple Viewer.. it is my IE 9 that was not allowing access (even though I have scripts enabled etc). I loaded my site through Microsoft WebMatrix instead of Expressions and it works fine now... One more thing I hate about IE 9 I guess :(
Thank you!!