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Topic: Viewer doen not constrain to the DIV on a iPad2


I'm building a website and i just checked it on a iPad2.
And the problem is that the images seem to be to big for the specific sv container div.
Atleast the viewer does not stay within the div. On a regular pc it all works just fine....


Any suggestions on what i am doing wrong???



Re: Viewer doen not constrain to the DIV on a iPad2

The gallery does stay within its own <div>.
However, the panel that you would like the gallery to appear over is part of the background image and the size and position of this panel shifts depending on the device used for viewing the gallery and the size of the browser window.
On my PC, the background image is centered and is shown actual size (with cropping to the left and right if the browser window is not wide enough to accommodate the full width of the image).
On my iPod Touch, the background image is shrunk to fit the browser window and the entire image is always displayed (with no cropping).
This page may help.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team