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Topic: Menubar with server side includes?

Hi, I'm trying to embed a menubar across multiple pages using a server side include, rather than a template.  My problem is that server side includes function with pages in the site root folder.  I have multiple SV galleries in separate folders so they don't interfere with one another.  Does anyone know how I can integrate the server side includes with a multiple gallery structure?  I have tried so many different ways to deal with this menubar, I'm starting to pull my hair out!! :P

Re: Menubar with server side includes?

To have a resizeable gallery alongside other content on a page (such as a menu bar), you could use the examples here as a start.
There are downloadable examples which you can examine and modify to suit your needs.
You could then replace the relevant code (perhaps the 'header' content from the 'vertical-template' sample gallery) in each of the gallery's 'index.html' pages with your Server Side Includes directive.
Apache's Server Side Includes docs may help further with this aspect.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team