Topic: thumbnail for url link?

When I create lightroom template galleries and then post links to those galleries on websites (like facebook) the link has a thumbnail from the album associated with the link.

When I create a simplevierwer gallery and post a link to it there is no thumbnail for the link. Is this something I can add?


Re: thumbnail for url link?

I'm not sure how you have been adding links to your galleries on websites in the past (it sounds like some automated process which finds and uses an image) but you can use an image as a link by using the following code:

<a href="gallery/index.html"><img src="thumbs/thumb1.jpg" width="75" height="75" alt="link" /></a>

... changing the paths to the gallery's HTML index page and the image you want to use as your link accordingly.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team