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Topic: iframe and enable mouse wheel


I use iframe to include the galleries created by SVbuilder. And in my gallery, I activate "enable mouse wheel". Once the online gallery, I control my site but the "mouse wheel" does not work. A solution where is it in the iframe?

Here is the address of my temporary site : http://brolysan13.free.fr/photos for test.

Thanks for all (in french )

and when I look at the gallery with Internet Explorer and Chrome, the mouse wheel does not work either on the photo gallery ..

Re: iframe and enable mouse wheel

Your gallery does not use the most recent version of SimpleViewer Pro.
A hotfix release of v2.1.3 was released a while ago.
Try redownloading SimpleViewer Pro using the link from your purchase email and replace the 'svcore' folder in your galleries with the 'svcore' folder from the SimpleViewer Pro download package ('simpleviewer_pro_213/web/svcore/').

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team