Topic: Embedding via iframe

Dear Support Team,

I am using SimpleViewer Pro v.2 and I have encountered the following problem:

I am embedding the gallery via iframe (this is a more convenient way as it is the easiest way to post new gallery via a custom made CMS) and it does not fit in the div that I have specified. I make the size of gallery 590x500px (same size as the div) and specify same size in the iframe, but when I see the page the gallery is shifted down and right by smth like 5px. I have went through all the css and I do not see any mistake from my side. What can be wrong and what can I do when building the gallery via svBuilder to eliminate this problem. Please, note that this project is being made for a client and he WILL NOT go through any xml and alike. The solution is to be on the stage of building the gallery or he will force me to give money back for the gallery.

Hope to get some reply

Re: Embedding via iframe

The solution is to make your gallery's dimensions 100% x 100% in the embedding code (the 'simpleviewer.load' line) and then make the gallery the size you want via the width and height of the <iframe>.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Embedding via iframe

Dear Steven,

100% by 100% is what I have been doing earlier and the situation was very much alike. Unfortunately, it did not help so far.

Nevertheless, I will try again later this evening and will report the result.