Topic: Ooops can't find my Pro Version!

HI - I purchased Simple Viewer Pro V 2.0.3 some time back and haven't had any problems until my computer crashed on the weekend. I have reinstalled the the Pro Version but I only get the svBuilder version which is asking me for Simple Viewer Pro. I can't find anything in the FAQ section but I am sure I am only miss in a "." or a "-" somewhere. Help would be appreciated.
Cheers - John.

Re: Ooops can't find my Pro Version!

If you have purchased SimpleViewer Pro v2.0.3, then you can download the latest version (v2.1.3) using the link in your purchase email (as upgrades are free within the same major version number).
See here for details: … grade.html
If you cannot find your purchase email or your link has expired, then please fill in this form to receive a new link:

Once you have downlaoded the latest SimpleViewer Pro zip package, you can install svBuilder Pro by following the instructions here: … o/#install

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Ooops can't find my Pro Version!

Thanks Steven. Have sent for new link.