Topic: Embed in Flash + resize Question.


Just playing around embedding a SV gallery from SVbuilder into Flash. All good so far, but before I buy pro, can you perhaps answer a question I have.

Will the gallery be able to resize to the maximum image size I set in SV builder when the stage is resized as in a Liquid layout?

When I run my container SWF that loads in the SV gallery SWF it fails to resize when my liquid layout resizes, like it does when I simply run the SV gallery SWF on it's own.

Does that make sense?


Re: Embed in Flash + resize Question.

Here is a Flash Embed example in which SimpleViewer Pro is embedded within a container movie and the gallery resizes dynamically (with the size of the browser window) within the container movie: … ash_embed/
This example is included in the SimpleViewer Pro download package.

Instructions for Embedding in Flash can be found here: … html#flash

Ensure that you do not use a Fixed Layout which will prevent the gallery from resizing dynamically: … html#fixed

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team