Topic: German "Umlaut" characters not showing in title of gallery

the german "Umlaut" characters for example "ü" is transformed in "ue" or "u" in the Title of our gallery. … 11_01.html

The title should read "WÜDARA GSCHNAS" and not "WUEDARA GSCHNAS".  Our xml document shows that 'UTF-8' is enabled.

Does anyone know how to configure the files in order to see those special characters?

Thank you for your help.

Re: German "Umlaut" characters not showing in title of gallery

The 'title' entry in your XML file reads title="2011 - WUEDARA GSCHNAS" rather than title="2011 - WÜDARA GSCHNAS"
Entering '2011 - WÜDARA GSCHNAS' into the 'title' field of svBuilder-Pro whilst creating a gallery and then examining the resulting XML file shows title="2011 - WÜDARA GSCHNAS" (as expected) and the 'title' in the gallery is displayed as 'WÜDARA GSCHNAS' (again, correct) so I do not know where or when the 'Ü' is getting transformed into 'UE'.
Try creating a gallery using svBuilder-Pro (using your 'title' with the umlaut) and see what happens or edit your XML file (to change the 'title' manually) in a plain text editor.
(For others reading this thread, this FAQ may be helpful: … #trouble_4.)

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team