Topic: Pro options for imageFrame don't work

I want to use some more pro option on a gallery but am experiencing several problems with the preset xml file:

- The main image is supposed to have a frame. Adding


results in no visible frame at all.
Changing the last line to


doesn't do anything either (have the browser restarted, in case the flash is not properly refreshed otherwise).

If you'd like to check the gallery and it's preset, you find'em at and respectively.

Do you have any idea what the described problems may be caused by?

PS: I also realised that the documentation of the pro options has at least one error: hexadecimal codes aren't to be added with the leading # - svBuilder renders the code without it. But the documentation suggests hexadecimal codes in the form of #ffffff, i.e. with leading #.

Re: Pro options for imageFrame don't work


The name of the option should be frameWidth (not imageFrameWidth).
Likewise, imageFrameColor should be frameColor.

The frame color and the frame width should be entered into the main options pop-up window interface (in the 'Frame Color' and 'Frame Width, px' fields respectively) rather than in the 'Pro Options' text area.

It should be safe to enter the color code with or without a leading '#' in both svBuilder-Pro and WP-SimpleViewer (in both the color text fields and the 'Pro Options' text area). I have just tried and both work fine.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team