Topic: thumbnail size - headless bridal party

Hi! I love the program but the square thumbnails is causing me some problems. It cuts the heads of people in the portrait rotation of an image. I can't seem to resize the image to prevent cropping.

Any suggestions on how I can recreate the thumbs or modify the program?

Re: thumbnail size - headless bridal party

This may be more work than you want to do, but you can always make custom thumbnail images rather than using the defaults cropped by the program. Open you images in Photoshop or an image editor and crop a portion of the image you like to 45x45 pixels (or 65x65 pixels for SV 1.8). Good luck!

Re: thumbnail size - headless bridal party

and if the heads are generally in the center, you could use a command in photoshop or fireworks or whatever and catch most of them. hand edit the remaining headless


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