Topic: Fatal Error with Builder platform

Hopefully, this won't be as difficult as it looks to me.

It seems there is a conflict in the PHP between Builder WP Platform and Simple viewer Gallery (WordPress) plugin.

Here's a page that shows (picture at the bottom as well) what the code said:

This is the intended page: … tallation/ (The simpleviewer has been turned off.)

SimpleViewer offers much more control over the gallery than what this plugin offers.

I've gone through 9 other plugins so far and most are "not good" (having to refrain from the word I would like to use).

Please help if you can, and thank you for your time!

Doug G. :/

Re: Fatal Error with Builder platform

Check that your server meets the requirements for WP-SimpleViewer here: … iewer/#req

Have you manually edited your gallery's XML file?
It currently looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<simpleviewergallery maxImageWidth="800" maxImageHeight="600" textColor="0xffffff" frameColor="0xffffff" frameWidth="0" thumbColumns="5" thumbRows="1" thumbPosition="BOTTOM" title="" showOpenButton="true" showFullscreenButton="true" languageList="" galleryStyle="COMPACT" useFlickr="true" flickrUserName="" flickrTags="" e_bgColor="ffffff" e_g_width="600px" e_g_height="600px" e_useFlash="true" <script type="text/javascript&gt;" <div id="sv-container&gt;&lt;/div&gt;"/>

The opening <simpleviewergallery> tag's attributes are interrupted by a <script> tag which does not belong in the file.
Try deleting the gallery and create a new one.
If something similar happens, try deactivating, uninstalling, reinstalling and reactivating WP-SimpleViewer.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Fatal Error with Builder platform

I'm using Windows 8 Pro 64bits, Wampserver 64bits, Apache 2.2.22, PHP 5.3.13, WordPress 3.5.1, Platform Pro theme and WP-SimpleViewer WP-SimpleViewer encounters an error which prohibits addition, modifification and deletions of galleries.
Here is the stack of error as shown under the manage gallery of the WP-SimpleViewer in the Admin screen of WordPress.
( ! ) SCREAM: Error suppression ignored for
( ! ) Fatal error: Call to a member function hasAttribute() on a non-object in C:\wamp\www\wp-content\plugins\wp-simpleviewer\wp-simpleviewer.php on line 659
Call Stack
1 0.0013 789520 {main}( ) ..\admin.php:0
2 1.7838 53849488 do_action( ) ..\admin.php:151
3 1.7838 53850984 call_user_func_array ( ) ..\plugin.php:406
4 1.7838 53851064 SimpleViewer->edit_galleries_page( ) ..\plugin.php:406
5 1.7839 53851064 SimpleViewer->display_gallery_table( ) ..\wp-simpleviewer.php:1381
6 1.8135 53911304 SimpleViewer->get_post_id( ) ..\wp-simpleviewer.php:1501
If I could attach a file, I would attach a screen shot.

Re: Fatal Error with Builder platform


WP-SimpleViewer v2.3.2.1 does not call the hasAttribute() function on line 659 of the 'wp-simpleviewer.php' file and the line numbers in your error text do not look right ('wp-simpleviewer.php' does not have as many lines as the line numbers in the error imply).

Perhaps your WP-SimpleViewer installation somehow has a mix of files from different versions.

Try reinstalling WP-SimpleViewer v2.3.2.1 from scratch by deleting the current 'wp-content/plugins/wp-simpleviewer/' folder from your web server and then installing v2.3.2.1 which can be downloaded from this web page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Fatal Error with Builder platform

Thank you Steven for your quick answer.
A clean installation of the plugin WP-SimpleView was not enough.
The solution was to make a new install of WordPress, of the theme and of the plugins.
The site was updated for several years (WordPress versions, plugin versions, theme versions and so on), so some files corrupted the good behaviour of WP-SimpleViewer. Best regards. Bamboo092, maintainer of