Topic: SimpleViewer ruined website design in Dreamweaver

I had a 5 page website designed in Dreamweaver. Every page has a top flash header/banner, plus other images in its content.

I copied the Embed Code generated from the svBuilder and pasted inside one of my pages. When I tried saving it before previewing in browser, it mentioned something about java or javscript which I ignored and proceeded to save. When previewed, the simpleviewer worked perfectly, but ALL my flash header/banner and SOME images from each page got lost. In Dreamweaver they show as when image/flash were missing files (not linked properly). It affected all my pages, though simpleviewer is only embedded in one of them. So I assume it modified the style.css but I'm not sure. It looks like it has to do with the java/javascript warning I received while saving file after embedding and I'm not savy in javascript  :( .

Can anyone give me some clue into what happen and how to fix and avoid next time I embed simpleviewer into  my html site? Thank a million.  :rolleyes:

Re: SimpleViewer ruined website design in Dreamweaver

I do not know what happened but it sounds like you may have overwritten some code rather than simply inserting the code into the page.
Try embedding a gallery into a page once more. This time, keep a copy of the original HTML page (before inserting the embedding code) and compare the original page with the new version including the embedding code (perhaps with a program such as WinMerge). The only difference between the two files should be the embedding code itself.
It might be helpful to know what the error message you received was.
In case you have not yet seen it (and for others using Dreamweaver), there is a note for 'Embedding Using Dreamweaver' in the SimpleViewer Embedding Guide: … reamweaver

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team