Topic: Align caption to bottom/Multiple line caption

I have a caption that needs to go on 2 (or more) lines. Is that possible?

Here is the gallery:

I had the caption under the thumbs and above the main image but the caption on the 2nd photo is long and I thought the 2nd line was going under the main image so I moved the caption to the bottom. The caption is still not there in its entirety. Looks like it's going off the screen to the right. How can I get the caption to display on multiple lines?

If I keep it on the bottom, is there a way to align it to the bottom of the photo. Right now the first caption is too far from the bottom of the photo. The 4th caption looks good. I'd like all the photos/captions to have the same spacing as the 4th.



Re: Align caption to bottom/Multiple line caption

Try increasing the captionHeight in your gallery's XML settings.
If your captions are auto-wrapping, the current captionHeight may be tall enough for only one row of text.
You can also choose where to break your captions into separate lines by using HTML formatting and inserting HTML line breaks ('<br>' tags) as described here: … l#custom_1
An example caption would look like this:

<caption><![CDATA[Line 1<br><Line 2>]]></caption>
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Align caption to bottom/Multiple line caption

Thank you. I don't know how I missed captionHeight. Must be Friday.

Inserting the HTML worked like a charm too. It's working as I want now.