Topic: Flikr Image Size Not working

Hello. I am using Simpleviewer Pro and can not get the flikr Image size variable to behave properly. I am aware of the requirement for images to permissions set to 'public' and the open creative commons license, yet still i can not get Simpleviewer to display images in their original size. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

URL: … .html#self

Flikr Gallery: … 653007784/

Re: Flikr Image Size Not working

A Flickr Pro Account is required to view the original file.
See this Flickr FAQ for details:
With a Flickr Pro Account, you can then set flickrImageSize="ORIGINAL" in your gallery's XML file (as you have already done).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Flikr Image Size Not working

Thank you very much for the swift reply - very very appreciated. I was not aware of this, having only signed up for flikr to use with simpleviewer. Can I suggest this is noted in the info on adding the Original size variable to the .xml, along with the info on license and permissions. This could save this popping up again in the future.

Once again - thanks so much for the reply.