Topic: Why the option 'Save Image as' is still unavailable?

Hello, maybe I'm missing something, but I've been cheking out the lastest version here and I can't see the option: 'save image as' implemented yet.

I've see this request by other customers a few times here for a long time. And it has been overlooked everytime. So I'm wondering why is happening this, because I think that it is really an essential feature, and in a way I have the same feeling like asking big companies who never understand/listend their customers in order to make their software GREAT. I'm sorry, I don't pretend to be rude, I'm just frustrated and I'm curious to know why this is not possible to implement.

Yes, I consider the 'opening in a new tab' workaround unaceptable.

thanks in advance and again: I'm just being curious, not judging anyone.

Re: Why the option 'Save Image as' is still unavailable?

SimpleViewer-Pro now incorporates the showDownloadButton option: … #buttonbar
If showDownloadButton="TRUE" is set in your gallery's XML file, then there will be a button on the Button Bar which allows the user to open a download window with a single click.
Please note that the Download Button will be operational only when the gallery is uploaded to a web server.
It will not work locally on your computer due to a Flash security restriction.
There is a working example of the Download Button in the 'Forest' SimpleViewer-Pro Demo Gallery found here:
(The Download Button is the first button on the Button Bar.)

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Why the option 'Save Image as' is still unavailable?

Shame on me, I've missed the whole thing because I was looking for the word 'save' insted of 'download' in the changelogs and here in the forum. My bad.