Topic: Gradient is not smooth.


I have a problem with images with lots of black. When I look photos on svBuilder-Pro everything looks great. When I publish the gallery and watch the same image web browser. Black and dark gray areas show ugly. Looks like a black areas is halftonet big pieces. And the gray gradient is not smooth.

Could anyone help?

Re: Gradient is not smooth.

Try one of the following:
(1) Increase the quality of the JPEG images that svBuilder-Pro produces by increasing the 'Quality' from the default value of 80 (up to 100). You can access the 'Quality' setting by clicking the 'Change...' button in the 'Image Size' control panel on the 'Images' tab.
... or:
(2) Deselect the 'Resize images' checkbox (also on the 'Images' tab) before adding images to your gallery and svBuilder-Pro will copy your original images to your gallery folder rather than processing them.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Gradient is not smooth.

Now it is much better. Many thanks.  :)