Topic: How to change size of thumbnails?

I'm using SV WP plugin (Not Pro)

How do I change (increase) the size of the displayed thumbnails? 

I like this site (not mine) using SV with Drupal.  I don't think this is the Pro version because it
displays the SimpleViewer badge. And the thumbs are larger than the default.  Check page > Gallery Artwork.
Also, I like the large right arrow on image. How to create?  thanks

Re: How to change size of thumbnails?

The gallery you refer to does, indeed, use SimpleViewer-Standard (not Pro) and the thumbnails are displayed at the default size of 75px x75px.

To increase the size of the thumbnails requires SimpleViewer-Pro.
Instructions to upgrade WP-SimpleViewer from SimpleViewer-Standard to SimpleViewer Pro can be found here: … iewer/#pro
Once this has been done, you can enter Pro Options such as thumbWidth="100" and thumbHeight="100" into the Pro Options text area in the WP-SimpleViewer gallery setttings pop-up window.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team