Topic: WP-SV Pro Version Options?

Steven, thank-you for your replies to two of my posts.

Will the WP SV Pro PLUGIN allow me to make all the configuration changes I require?  thanks

Re: WP-SV Pro Version Options?

Yes. If you were to purchase SimpleViewer-Pro and integrate it into WP-SimpleViewer (following these instructions), then I believe you would be able to customize the gallery as you desire.
You could position the thumbnails in a single row at the bottom of the gallery, increase the size of the thumbnails, have the captions displayed permanently (not just on hover) and have the large navigation arrows by using the following settings:

galleryStyle="CLASSIC" (Standard Option - for large navigation arrows - change via interface)
thumbPosition="BOTTOM" (Standard Option - change via interface)
thumbColumns="6" (Standard Option - change to suit - change via interface)
thumbRows="1" (Standard Option - change via interface)
thumbWidth="100" (Pro Option - change to suit - enter in text area)
thumbHeight="100" (Pro Option - change to suit - enter in text area)
showOverlay="ALWAYS" (Pro Option - enter in text area)
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team