Topic: Drop-down menu problem in IE8

I've recently purchased the pro version for use on my photography website and I'm very happy

Everything looks great in Firefox, however on IE8 the drop-down menu doesn't appear.  From similar posts I gather this is likely because the menu is appearing behind the simpleviewer gallery, but references to chaging the wmode on line 708 of the code (which is completely different in v 2.1.3) aren't helping me.

The viewer and menu in question can be found here -

Can someone suggest a straight forward fix that can be easily implemented be a novice?


Re: Drop-down menu problem in IE8

Please see this FAQ for details: … ml#embed_5
If creating your gallery with WP-SimpleViewer, select the 'Background Transparent' checkbox on the 'Add SimpleViewer Gallery' gallery settings pop-up window.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Drop-down menu problem in IE8

Wow no messing, fixed it!  :D

Thanks for the quick response