Topic: HTML code and XML Parser error: > required

Well i have just succesfully installed SimpleViewer and the SimpleViewerAdmin to my web site. I had 3 galleries all working fine.

So i got the briliant (NOT) idea to put HTML code in the title in the welcoming screen (in the ones you select the galleries).

I put <center> text </center> and it now all crashesh with the
XML Parser error: > required
error !

what to do, what to do ? the simplevieweradmin.php gives me the same result.

i have found out too late that if I want html code i should have replaced it with the compatible symbols

question : where is the damn title located ? i have viewed each php and xml from the folder and i did not find my <center> text </center> in any of them
or maybe i missed it ...

do you have any idea what file should I replace with the original so my galleries will work ? i repeat my admin page gives me the same error, so i cannot rename it from there

i really don`t want to upload all the jpg-s on the server (it took me about 2 hours when I was in a good mood)

soo ... anyone ?!

Re: HTML code and XML Parser error: > required

or at least tell me where to read in the manual, or some link or some thread in this forum ... i have searched , but searched in vain

Re: HTML code and XML Parser error: > required

i thought that if i upgraded it probably it will overwrite some stuff with good ones ....

well .. probably .. because
/upgrade.php gives me the same error too ...

XML Parser error: > required

i am SoOO sad :( :(

Re: HTML code and XML Parser error: > required

If you have SV Pro, you can edit the Title text box in the simpleviewer.fla
in the property tool bar, ck center alignment icon. Publish and upload  your new  viewer.swf If you don't have pro, be creative ---Title---

Don't be sad, your files do not have to be reloaded, except the ones you changed. not the images. 



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