Topic: need index.html OUTSIDE of gallery folder- help please!

Hi.  As mentioned, I need to have the index page located outside of the gallery folder that is created, but I can't figure out how to fix the code to make it work.  I just get an error message that says "Gallery XML Not Found." 

A while back someone explained what all needed to be updated and how to do it (the "hard way" of fixing this), but it was for a different version so it won't work for me.  I would REALLY SUPER appreciate any and all help with this; I've been searching all day for an answer and trying different things to no avail...

Thanks much!

Re: need index.html OUTSIDE of gallery folder- help please!

If you are embedding the gallery in an existing HTML page alongside other content, then please follow the 'Embedding into a HTML Page' instructions here: … html#embed
The gallery's own 'index.html' file (inside the gallery folder) will not be required if you are embedding the gallery in another page so you do not need to upload this file in such a scenario. (It is required only if linking directly to the gallery.)

Alternatively, however, you could follow the baseURL method of 'Using an External Gallery Folder' here: … l#external
This requires you to upload the complete gallery folder (not just the contents) to your web server and, therefore, requires no files to be renamed or moved.

With regard to the 'Gallery XML Not Found' message, please see this FAQ for suggestions as to how to overcome this issue: … #trouble_6

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: need index.html OUTSIDE of gallery folder- help please!

I'm sorry to have wasted your time, it turns out that wasn't my problem.  I was trying to achieve a web address of mywebsite/wedding to post my wedding photos to (because I already wrote it in all my thank you cards), but it was coming up mywebsite/wedding/wedding.  I thought I needed to move the index file outside of the gallery folder (which I had named "wedding"), but as I'm sure you're already guessing, I made the mistake of naming my index file "wedding" as well instead of leaving it as "index."  I just changed it back and it's all good now (obviously, I'm pretty new to all of this).

Thank you very much for your super fast response though, I really do appreciate it!!   :D