Topic: Padding underneath gallery

I have embedded the simpleviewer pro gallery on a site I am building. The gallery is at the top of the page but the distance between the gallery and the first line of content is too much for my liking. The menu for the website is positioned at the bottom and I need to have anytext visible so it is obvious that there is more content further down the page. What setting can I adjust for this. here is the link: … index.html

any help will be much appreciated.


Re: Padding underneath gallery

You have aligned everything to the top:


Here are a few things to try (one at a time rather than all together).
(1) Try centering your gallery using 'CENTER' rather than 'TOP' for the above options to even out the spacing.
(2) Make sure your maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight options in your gallery's XML file are accurate (reflecting the width of the widest image and the height of the tallest image respectively).
(3) Try setting the height of your gallery to a fixed height (eg. 400px) rather than 100% using the following line in your embedding code:

simpleviewer.load('sv-container', '100%', '400', 'transparent', true);
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Padding underneath gallery

Hi Steven,

Thanks for the help. I tried all of the suggestions and the final suggestion about using the fixed height rather than percentage fixed it. I changed the code on the html file and it is perfect.

Thank you again and I must say since I upgraded to Simpleviewer Pro just a couple of days ago, I have been extremely impressed with it. Best $45 I have ever spent.