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Topic: Lightroom 3.5 upgrade issue


Mac 10.7.2 (Lion)
Lightroom 3.5

I just upgraded to LR 3.5 and I am trying to place the SV pro files.  The trouble is that I can't find the svCore file in: Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/

I have upgraded

Does anyone know where I might find the folder?  I've upgraded before without any issues.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Lightroom 3.5 upgrade issue

The version of SimpleViewer bundled with Lightroom is an older version prior to the 'svcore' folder being introduced in v2.1.
Instead, please use TTG-SimpleViewer for Lightroom which can be downloaded from this page: http://theturninggate.net/galleries/fla … eviewer-2/
Instructions for upgrading TTG-SimpleViewer from Standard to Pro can be found on the same page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team