Topic: Custom Arrow images?

I love the program, its a huge time saver but I have one problem using it on my site. I have a very dark grey background and the back and next arrows don't show up very well. I've received quite a few comments that people didn't know I had more images because the arrows blend in too much.

  Is there a way to change the arrows to another color? I first tried changing the colors in the assets.png and replacing that on my hosting site, but had no change. Even tried opening and refreshing all the files in browser with no change. So, I thought maybe it was embedded in the SWF after the software publishes. I changed the assests.png in the program directory then I re-created/re-published with still no change, arrows still show up black.

Any advice?

Re: Custom Arrow images?

The color of the main image navigation arrows can be changed using the Pro Options imageNavColor and imageNavBackColor.
The color of the thumbnail navigation arrows can be changed using thumbNavColor, thumbNavBackColor and thumbNavHoverColor.
Please see the SimpleViewer-Pro Config Options page for details (sections entitled Image Overlay Options and Thumbnail Navigation Options).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team