Topic: Space between thumbs and main image

Hi Steven,
I have SVP in a Wordpress installation and would like to increase the space between the thumbs and the main image.
I have one column of thumbs on left with a 600 x 600px main image. Is there a specific line in the wp-simpleviewer/css/generator.css (or other) file that I can edit to increase the space between the column of thumbs and the main image? If I had two columns of thumbs, I would like to change the space between the right column and the main image, not the space between the two columns.

Hoping I can increase this space?

Many thanks,


Re: Space between thumbs and main image

There are several things you can do.

(1) Decrease the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight values in the gallery's XML file to have the main images take up less space in the available image area (thereby increasing the space between the thumbnails and the main images).

(2) Upgrade WP-SimpleViewer to SimpleViewer-Pro and set the Pro Option imageHAlign="RIGHT" (in WP-SimpleViewer's 'Pro Options' text area) to move the main images to the right-hand side of the image area (or set thumbHAlign="LEFT").

(3) Increase the Pro Option stageHPadding (above the default value of '30') to increase the amount of horizontal space between gallery elements.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team