Topic: Own header in index.html. Can I edit indextemplate.html ?

Hi - really hope I'm not being dense.  Fantastic peice of software though.  Thanks !!!
I really want to create many albums from Picasa.  I want them all to have a customized header which will have a simple link back to my main home page.  I have read the instructions in FAQ :-

You can add any HTML page elements such as a back button by editing index.htm. Take a look at this example page. The example page gives SimpleViewer a fixed height and allows for a page header and footer. To use this example, save the HTML file to your local SimpleViewer folder.
... and understand this.  Please can you clarify though.  Are you saying that I have to modify EVERY index.htm page created for each album.

Is it not possible to edit the indextemplate.html in the Picasa/Web/Templates directory?

Thanks very much.

Re: Own header in index.html. Can I edit indextemplate.html ?

If you are using the picasa template to create multiple galleries it might make sense to edit the template file directly. Go for it!

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Own header in index.html. Can I edit indextemplate.html ?

Thanks for your reply.  Perhaps I didn't make myself clear.  I am a little confused.  In the template folder there is a file indextemplate.html and also a folder Assets inside which there is index.html.
I am a novice by the way so excuse my ignorance.
I have tried amending both.  If I amend indextemplate.html nothing seems to happen at all.  If I amend index.html inside the asset folder I just get my new page but without the gallery inside it.  Beneath my header are the comments about whether you have flash installed or not.
Pls can you point me back in the right direction.
Thanks again