Topic: Main image size is TINY

Hello. I have created a new gallery using the builder and embedded it into an existing Flash file. Everything looks fine in the builder, but when I build my Flash file, the main image is about half the size of the thumbnails. I've gone through all of the customization options and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

Re: Main image size is TINY

It is possible that your gallery's area is mainly taken up with elements such as the thumbnail area, the title area and the caption area, leaving little room for the main image itself.
You could perhaps try either increasing the size of the gallery itself or using a Fixed Layout to define the size and position of each element.
The SimpleViewer-Pro Layout Guide may also help: … guide.html

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Main image size is TINY

Thanks Steven. I tried removing the title and captions and that didn't help. A fixed layout made the image the appropriate size but then I went back through and changed the gallery size in Flash.

Thank you!