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I recently upgraded to version 2 and updated my website.  When using the iPad, the thumbs all have a question mark.  What seems to be the problem?


Re: Ipad thumbs showing question mark

Please make sure that you are using the latest version (v2.2.0): … grade.html
Also, please see this FAQ regarding seeing crosses (or question marks) where images should be: … #trouble_2
If you continue to experience difficulties, please post the URL to your gallery so that we can take a look.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: Ipad thumbs showing question mark

Hello Steven,

I am not a web desgner or programmer by any means but I do try and seem to manage making the neccesary changes needed.  So far I have been able to keep my site up to date, so please forgive me if I dont get it right.

This is what I have done thus far; I input the thumb URL (eg: thumbs/Pic3.jpg) in the gallery.xml file for each particular photo used.  That seemed to work and I was able to see (On my Windows Laptop) the thumbs in the the gallery.html file.  I uploaded this revised XML and html file to the site and in to the "Web" folder however when I try to view it on the iPad, I still see the question marks.  I am obviously doing somthing wrong.

The link to my photo gallery is http://www.villacarina-floridavacationh … hotos.html   I trust this is the link you are refering to.

If there is any other files need I will be more than happy to forward them.

Your help is appreciated!
Tony Morganelli

Re: Ipad thumbs showing question mark

Your gallery uses SimpleViewer v2.0.1 which does not support Universal Playback.
Universal Playback was introduced in v2.1.
In order for your gallery to be displayed in mobile devices, you will need to upgrade your gallery to the latest version (v2.2.0) and change your embedding code to the new style as documented here.
Information on 'Upgrading SimpleViewer' (including instructions for 'Upgrading Existing Galleries to Version 2.2.0') can be found here: … grade.html

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team